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Tips To Managing Stress 

For individuals in recovery or not, stress management tools are essential for everyone’s health. At certain times, life is inundated with ongoing responsibilities and unexpected hurdles. While stress cannot be completely avoidable, learning how to tackle it when it arrives can make a world of difference.


Stress Triggers

San Diego mental health professionals have afforded an excellent sounding board in assisting people to recognize their stress triggers. While everyone is distinct in their own way, not all respond the same to what has been claimed as generalized stressors which may include:

  • Money challenges
  • Unhappy work environment
  • Staying connected with work via smartphones and tablets with little downtime
  • Relationship issues

And more….


Compartmentalizing Strategies For Stress

When one is being pummeled by stress, it’s natural for them to start thinking about all the other stresses which can loom. By compartmentalizing, a person can implement a special coping mechanism to handle one issue at a time. File each stressor and issue into its own category. Address each one separately, mentally pack it away, and then deal with the next one. These incremental steps can prove to be quite beneficial. Seeing improvements provide mental health milestones.

But remember, once one challenge is addressed, be sure to compartmentalize it before taking on the next one.


Military Dances Away Stress

A recent story in the Houston Chronicle has lit up the media headlines: Sailors, vets to tackle rigors of … the dance floor. While the ambience of salsa music and dance steps can be invigorating, reporter John Barned-Smith reveals something more in his story about an upcoming event in Houston.

Chris Fahey, a spokesperson for the Navy, wrote in an email announcement that the dancing soiree was, “designed to help increase active duty service members’ quality of life, reduce stress, anxiety and provide some cost-free fun through dancing.” He continued, “This exercise can benefit armed service members who suffer from acute anxiety or combat related stress.”

The article was also quick to point out that while such therapy helps people struggling with anxiety and stress disorders, it is no substitute for regular treatments. Physical activity and other similar therapies can certainly enhance treatment.


Other Ways To Reduce Stress

While salsa dancing may not fulfill everyone’s desire there are a variety of ways people can decompress their stress. As mentioned earlier, physical activity is key as it releases endorphins and keeps the body healthy.

Physical activity has the ability to let the stress roll off one’s shoulders and offer a time to clear one’s mind. The following are some examples to get started:

  • Walking the dog
  • Finding an exercise partner at the gym
  • Taking part in a natural trail walking group
  • Gardening
  • Getting involved in a sport
  • Taking the stairs versus an elevator
  • Walking around a Farmer’s Market and purchasing locally grown products for health and wellness
  • Going to a museum and seeing an exhibit

And more….

Remember, physical activity doesn’t need to be isolated to a gym atmosphere. Movement is vital for the body and mind.