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Lynne is an expert in what she does.  She dedicates her time in making sure her clients are placed in the best facility that best accommodates their medical and mental needs. In the past years, Lynne has helped in the placement of my patients in the best “Dual Diagnosis” programs.  Her efforts has helped my patients and families immensely.  As a Clinician in the hospital, my patients and their families believe in my treatment methods and recommendations for after care when discharging from my unit (Behavioral health locked down unit). Working with Lynne makes the transition of my patients into long term treatment centers very easy, smooth, not stressful and expedited.  Those are the reasons I highly recommend Lynne.


Dr. Umo N.

“I can’t tell you how much I appreciated the concern that the staff at Sharp Behavioral had for my husband, from taking time to listen when I first called to the arrival at the treatment center.  He has had a drinking problem for 15 years and they assured me that they will get him ‘back on track’”.  He’s home and sober, for the first time in years!”


Jessica B.

“When I first called Sharp to get help for our 23-year-old daughter who was having a serious drinking and drug problem, I didn’t know what to do. But the intake counselor who initially spoke with me really understood our situation and knew that our daughter needed a 30-day treatment program for her condition. The staff was also warm and professional, assuring us that she was going to get help that would put her on her road to recovery. Thanks to Sharp and it’s people, we have our daughter back.”


Julia M.

I don’t normally write these kinda things but I feel I should just let you all know how pleased I was with the results of how you treated my son in his terrible condition. I swear I thought I was going to lose my mind.  He is doing so much better now I can’t thank you all enough!


Westin T.

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