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Substance Abuse

Alcohol and Substance Abuse

Overcoming Alcohol and Substance Abuse

At Sharp Behavioral Health, we can help find the right drug treatment or alcohol recovery program.

Help and hope are there to lend a gentle, helping hand.

Working with more than 40 state licensed substance abuse treatment facilities, we locate the right program which will address the drug abuse as well as the underlying issues triggering it.

Be it life stresses or a dual diagnosis, this assessment will better aid clients during their recovery and help ensure long-term success.

Coming to terms that one is abusing alcohol or has a substance abuse problem arrives in different ways for people. Here is the common steps people encounter during this journey:

Facing an Addiction

When alcohol or drug abuse begins to cause problems at school, the workplace, home, and health, this is when the tipping point towards facing the addiction occurs.

And taking that first step is a hard one. We at Sharp Behavioral Health know this and we’re here to help.

Dedicating a life towards healthy sobriety takes some reflection. One needs to ask themselves a handful of questions, including:

  • Are you ready to change the way you handle stress?
  • Are you willing to stop seeing the people who influence or support your alcohol or drug abuse?
  • Are you ready for self-reflection about your life and what has caused the addiction?
  • Are you ready to commit to an alcohol-free and drug-free lifestyle?
  • Are you ready to make a change towards sobriety?

If an attempt to try breaking the addiction has failed before, don’t let that past experience(s) stop the goal of being sober. Different treatment opportunities are out there and we can help — no one has to be alone on the sobriety road – Sharp Behavioral Health will be there.

Drug Addiction Treatment and Recovery

At Sharp Behavioral Health, we are one phone call away from helping someone find the right treatment program. There are a variety of treatment choices out there and we will help our clients find the perfect one.

In our search, we consider the following items, realizing that everyone is different as well as their various needs:

  • Locating a customized treatment program for a particular client
  • Finding a facility which helps with detox and alcohol or substance abuse intervention
  • If necessary, combined addiction treatment and mental health help
  • A modality of one-on-one therapy sessions to determine substance abuse triggers
  • Group or personal therapy activities
  • Nutrition for better health
  • Yoga and meditation to promote health and wellness
  • Setting up patients for long-term success with the sobriety tools they need
  • Reintegration back into school and/or work and home
  • Understanding relapse and how to deal with it head-on.
  • Follow-up and after care

Living a Drug-Free Life

Living a drug –free life means living the life you were meant to live. Kicking off those alcohol and drug abuse chains offers a new outlook in tandem with new opportunities.

Once health is restored, hobbies and outdoor activities will follow. Living a drug-free life will add new meaning at the start of each day.

And Sharp Behavioral Health will be there during the treatment and recovery. A client’s happiness is our happiness.

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When I first called Sharp to get help for our 23-year-old daughter who was having a serious drinking and drug problem, I didn’t know what to do.

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