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Medical Detox


At Sharp Behavioral Health, we help find clients fully licensed facilities nationwide for both on-site, and on some occasions, off-site detoxification particularly for pain medications.

Before the official detoxification process, we’ll make certain the facility offers the physicians necessary for this step such as an addictionologist, psychiatrist and integrative medicine physician. Generally at the facility, prior to detoxification, clients are required to have a physical, lab work, and full medical history completed. This is needed in order for each client to receive the very best of care. While each facility will tailor a unique program for our clients, typically, the consulting psychiatrist initiates an in-depth evaluation and supervises the detox process.

Each client is different in terms of their addiction, which means detox can last from a few days to a week. Patients respond differently to this phase be it alcohol or drugs, as well as length of the addiction time. The facilities we work closely with, offer such a smooth detox transition, that many of our clients begin to take part in primary treatments towards the end of their detoxification.

Accommodations At The Facility

At Sharp Behavioral Health, we understand the importance of inviting and comfortable accommodations during the detox phase. We’ll help locate a client a private or semi-private room. And if requested, an adjoining bathroom will be available for ease and accessibility.

The facilities we team up with will have 24-hour highly experienced staff to monitor a client, including checking on vital signs during the detoxification. This specialized care occurs throughout the day and night which gives clients and their family peace of mind.

Another area of importance is receiving proper nutrition during a detox period. Nutrition and hydration is necessary for a smooth and comfortable transition.

In cases of opiate addiction, Sharp Behavioral Health will help locate either an on-site or off-site facility. Majority of patients, however, do opt for on-site since the prolonged use of opiates will trigger withdrawal symptoms.

Sharp Behavioral Health works with experienced facilities which manage opiate detoxification. Most times, this process causes minimal discomfort and is well-tolerated by the client.

For opiate detoxification performed off-site, we can help find a facility which specializes in this as well as one which offers a maintenance program for a client’s schedule and privacy. The facilities we partner with are committed to our clients’ comfort, privacy, and wellness.

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