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Employee Care

Employee Care

At Sharp Behavioral Health, we can help employers locate alcohol and substance abuse programs for their valued employees. With so many hours spent at the workplace, in many respects, the people there are like a second family. That being said, we have partnered with more than 40 treatment centers across the nation who can help.

Those in high stress jobs, such as law enforcement and fire service, may sometimes fall victim to alcohol or drug abuse. We have facilities and clinicians who can help these employees who are out on the front lines, as well as other Union members.

Our unique capability is being able to locate the right treatment program for a particular client who is in need for a certain level of care.

Throughout the treatment process, this care and attention may shift in order to address their current progression. The facilities we work closely with, also offer treatment and therapy for members of the family, as well. Healing from addiction is a family journey.

While every facility and rehabilitation home has its own protocol for a particular client, general highlights of the employee care program include:


  • Full medical history and lab work
  • In-depth evaluation
  • PTSD assessment and treatment protocol
  • Nutritional evaluation
  • Implementing evidence-based and results-driven treatment modalities

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Lynne is an expert in what she does. She dedicates her time in making sure her clients are placed in the best facility that best accommodates their medical and mental needs.

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