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Adolescent Care

Adolescents and Addiction

Locating the Right Treatment Program:

Finding the right adolescent treatment program can be overwhelming for parents because there is an array of them. Sharp Behavioral Health can step in and assist to lessen those worries.

Our goal is to locate an evidence-based adolescent treatment center to ensure a child’s needs are well-matched with a particular program. We’ll determine whether or not their approaches, models and therapies are compatible for the most optimum treatment.

Adolescents and Addiction

During the adolescent years, the brain is still developing and has yet to reach maturity. This is why it’s imperative for younger patients to seek treatment quickly. When this age group is matched with the right treatment center, the success rate is very promising.

Unlike adults, who have reached their age-related growth, young clients need a specialized type of treatment model. While undergoing treatment for a particular addiction, other areas tailored into a program module include academics, life skills, family support, communication, and more.

While adolescents generally go into treatment unwillingly, they are the group which achieves a higher success rate.

At Sharp Behavioral Health, we’ve teamed up with exceptional facilities which cater to adolescents between the ages of 13 to 17. Our in-depth research has located personalized treatment centers championed by licensed professionals whose expertise is within this age group. Their knowledge and skill is punctuated with compassion for adolescents and their families.

Typically, the adolescent treatment centers we locate for our clients may include:

  • 60 or 90 day program
  • Individual treatment counseling
  • Dual diagnosis
  • Academic classes

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Lynne is an expert in what she does. She dedicates her time in making sure her clients are placed in the best facility that best accommodates their medical and mental needs.

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